I want to travel

Ok this isn't the first time I have wanted this. Nor is it some teenage dream that I'll give up in a month. No this is somthing I have truly wanted for a long time and now im going to try to make it happen. The only thing I need is a group.

It took alot to get my paren'ts ok with the idea of me travling the road. But I have done it. In agreement that I take my phone and computer, as my mom wants to talk and see me on skype, I will have to have a tent and travel in a group. Mostly because my parent's dont want me to go alone. Ok so I get that I do but thats hard. I mean I can agree to back packing and bringing a tent and phone but finding a group who wants to travel the states isn't easy. So Now im stuck. I like to get traveling this summer around June or Earlly July at the latest. So I guess just wish me luck and if you know a group of traveling hippies who belive in peace and want to see the world tell them to talk to me. Im willing to work and pull my own wieght but most of all I just want to explore.


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  1. cameronpriddle

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    May 24, 2017