Poetry Contest

So as the norm in my faimly my parents and I like to read the newspaper. Today my parents found that there is a poetry contest. There supose to be a big prize reward if you win but I don't care much for that. The thing that made me think I should try is that al poets will get comments from a qualified editor. It may sound odd but getting a perfesonal to comment on somthing I do I belive would be great.

Now the problem is I suck at writing poetry. I love to write storys but I've always had trouble with poems. I know that theres many kinds of poetry and that they dont need to rythem but im still unsure what to do.



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  1. havight58

    The poetry contest is held to make the best of time by including all the best poets and writers in the contest to compete against each other and amuse the audience. The bestessays.com service recommend students to watch and participate in poetry contest for good knowledge.

    May 17, 2017