The big debate's of brothers and sisters.

Me and my brother tend to be the same and completly different at the same time. More often then not this leds to us debating over things. We both can be the same we both love video games and comics. But I enjoy more puzzle and indie games and he likes shooter and action. We both love movies but he loves action and I love scary. We both like to learn but he likes history and science and I enjoy Art and mythology. So we are kind of the same yet not really. Even with things we do both like we can't agree. This leads us to the great debate of Superman Vs Batman. Now I admit Im not a die hard fan so Im sure theres things about both I dont know and my brother is the same but we are both fans. This debates been going on for a few years about who is better or who atleast is more of a superhero. My brother is on Batmans side but I just cant agree. Superman is pretty much the definition superhero in my book. When I think superhero hes the first one I go to.

But even now after 3 years we just cant agree. Not that this is bad, I think its pretty funny to tell the truth. But I wonder if others are the same. If other people can be so differen't from the brother or sister yet so the same. I ask my friends but there either just like there faimly or they hate them. I wonder if they have a middle ground like we do.


P.S. Superman is the best =P

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  1. samuelsuffolk

    I and my sibling have a tendency to be the same and completely distinctive in the meantime. Brother and sister relation is a lovesome relation stated by resume writing services canada. Superman is the definition hero in book. When I think superhuman he’s the first I go to.

    August 03, 2017