Wanting and Doing

I am a big beliver if you want somthing you have to do somthing to get it. Your goals, dreams, or hopes are 90% effort and 10% luck. I have always wanted to travel and now im going to do it. Ofcouse this said im not saying people who want to fly should go jump off a skyscaper or somthing. But for me, right now, I think this is whats right for me. I have always want to travel to a degree. As time grew where and how I wanted to travel changed but the fact was I have always wanted to do it.

So first thing first I had to figure out why I wanted to travel. I think I spent months just thinking of why I would want to do this. I thought of the good and bad. The good Of meeting people and being in nature and the bad of having to sleep in the rain or be hungry somtimes. I finnal really decied that I have no idea why I want this. Really I have no clue at all.

Even if I dont know why I know it somthing that I have to do. So at first I had no idea but I knew it only be stupid to just jump in and try to walk around the states. So I did what was only smart and I started to learn everything I could. I learned everything I could from where to sleep, what was good to eat, where were good places to see, and just basics to advise. I learned everything I could, read every blog, called people, emails, watched videos. Whatever I thought would help me.

After all that you think I be ready and would just take off, right? Nope. No I took a step back. Atfirst I wanted to go out over all the states and not stop. After a while though I relized that could be worng. So I steped back. I sat down and talked to my faimly, who to say the least werent very happy. But after some long, long, painful talks we started to work it out.

So yea, I learned everything and I got my faimlys ok, I should be ready to go, right? Nope. No that is how I got to where I am now. Im started to walk to get use to walking alot. Plus I've been doing little things to get ready. Slowly changing what I eat to less salty things and more energy food and light veggies and fruits. I sat down and planed out where I walked to and my route. Atfirst I wanted to just go, no path, no map, just go and see where I end up. But because I never traveled before I decied to start small and make a plan. I sat down and made my first short round trip. 

Now im at this point where every day its all I think about. Im thinking of all the great things that may happen, and they tragic things too. I get super excited then I get super freaked. But at the end of every night im there in my bed just thinking of myself walking down a dirt road around trees and mts not a car to be seen. Somtimes it rains and somtimes its sunny but Im always there walking. I have a few months before I take off and go. This is my want and its somthing Im now going to do. Maybe im crazy, and maybe I'll quit but this is somthing I just think I have to do.

I want this.

I will do this.

Maybe if I keep saying this I can make it come true. ^-^

What about you?

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